A community resource for skin health and wellnessSkincancer.com is one of the leading providers of online medical information for the prevention and treatment of skin cancer and other related skin conditions. Owned and operated by Dermatology specialists, skincancer.com is an independent, objective source of factual information for both consumers and health professionals. Our objective is to create a community that will learn and support one another in their pursuit of knowledge and understanding of skin health.

Skincancer.com will assist you in finding the most relevant information about skin conditions and will provide a comprehensive community resource. The information you receive from skincancer.com should not replace your physician, but it will equip you to learn about the condition and assist you in being able to ask relevant questions. If your goal is to find the latest information on skin cancer, melanoma or any other skin condition, skincancer.com is your community resource.

Please note the navigation buttons at the top of the page. Our Blog will provide the most current articles and information related to skin health. You can also register for a FREE Community Membership to gain access to features such as, “Ask the Doc”, which enables you to submit a question on our blog. If you have a question regarding skin cancer, melanoma or anything to do with skin, please ask our clinicians. Our clinical advisory board will respond to your questions in a timely fashion. The Library contains the complete contents of every article, video, quiz or podcast that we have published to date. There is a patient, or consumer, section of the library and you will also see that we have a section dedicated to physicians. This is where presentations and discussions on the latest in diagnostics and treatment will be found. You must be a physician to access this area and there is a membership fee to do so. Also, for patients and consumers, we have included our Physician Finder. You may type in your address or a zip code and a search radius to find a Dermatologist or a Dermatopathologist in your area.

While skincancer.com provides a wealth of knowledge on conditions such as skin cancer and melanoma, our goal is to be a resource for every dermatological issue or disease and we encourage your participation. If you have questions or comments on any of the articles, please feel free to leave a comment.

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